Mixed Media Work


"Green Been"

sculpture (2020)

glass, Keurig cup, denim, thread, electrical tape, coffee filter, Ziploc bags, coffee beans, coffee grounds, assorted paper waste, styrofoam



sculptural painting 40" x 29.5" (2019) 

Acrylic, beading, paper towel, fabric, ribbon, all media art board, wire, mesh, thread, masking tape, pantyhose, bobby pins, bra cup, silica gel packets on canvas


"From What I Can See"

zine (2020)

acrylic on mixed media paper, embroidery thread, collage


"we came to save your burning land"

 sculptural painting 9.88" x 8.75" (2019) 

Acrylic, ribbon, wire, shells, chain, beads on plexiglass



sculptural painting 18" x 18" (2019) 

Acrylic, oil pastel, ribbon, chain, beading, earrings, perfume cap, $1 coins on mixed media board

"my mother came to meet her children"

sculptural painting 10.75" x 7.5" (2019) 

Acrylic, ribbon, shell, stone, earring, wire, rope on mixed media board


"Girl 1"

sculptural painting 9.88" x 8.75 (2019) 

Acrylic, ribbon, beading on plexiglass


"Golden Girl"

sculptural painting 32" x 20" (2019) 

Fabric, ribbon, beading, chain on canvas