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"every woman who taught me to sew saw this coming"

2021 / tote bags, ribbon, thread spools, Mediastar 32GB usb, shirt and skirt fabric, earrings, 5 Rs. coin, clothing tags, denim, denim fibres, tapestry needle, sequinned shirt, sewing kit, sewing scissors, spoon, knife, bra, buttons, assorted button bags, knit scraps, Oscillococcinum bottles, needle sharpener, hot glue, sewing thread, safety pins, bra straps, belt strap, watch strap, watch face, plastic spice bottle, chiffon gift bags, cassette player converter, necklace cord, chain, replaceable razor head case, lace socks, string, lace.

IMG_0582 copy.jpg

A meditation on:  

  • female garment workers in the age of international production

  • the three women who taught me to sew and bore witness to my impatience, thus likely foreseeing the creation of a piece about sewing with more glue than stitches

  • the larger history of women in my family who were exemplars of domestic life for the sake of marital success and feeding children, not for love of the tasks themselves

  • and myself, who loves the tasks for the way the thread revives their memories, and listens as each unpicked fibre tells me its story and how far it has come from the farms of my motherland(s).  

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